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November 12, 2009
By ashpells BRONZE, North Tonawanda, New York
ashpells BRONZE, North Tonawanda, New York
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Amanda never thought she would see such a scary sight. Mainly, because she didn’t even believe in such things! Well, It started winter break of 2007, her freshman year. She was in a group of about six of her best friends. They were walking in their winter coats aimlessly to try and find something to do in the cold weather. They came across this old, creepy abandoned building that caught their attention. The building was circular, with an tall, cracked fence around it. The place was screaming for attention to anyone who walked by it, because it needed some fixing up. However this old building wasn’t being used anymore. They call it Melody Fair. This place was once a theater, but now is nothing but wasted space. Amanda came up with the great idea of going into the building, her best friend Kaley knew it was illegal and figured they should wait until dark. So they did, three o’clock in the morning they returned to that old abandoned place.

Amanda and Kaley walked ahead of the group, they were full of excitement and adrenaline from the cold nights air. The rest of the group was full of nerves with the thought of sneaking into the building and getting caught, plus just the creepiness of it alone in the darkness.

The only way into the building was to climb a six foot tall fence. Amanda and Kaley climbed the fence and were already running toward the front door of the circular building. The other friends were waiting by the fence too scared to go over until they realized how much fun it looked in there. Possibly, it was the adrenaline that kicked in their veins to help them climb the fence. Kaley and Amanda were off wandering when all the other girls were quietly seaching for them, with hopes to not get caught for sneaking into this place. Little did they know breaking the law would be the least of their worries. Just then a loud bang from the balcony was echoed throughout the entire area and the girls all jumped up a mile high and scattered throughout the entire building. Amanda and Kaley were still together, feeling adventurous, and frightened, but wanted to check out what it was that made that noise. They turn the corner to find a white shadow that was slowly coming toward them.

The girls ran and screamed for their friends to leave the place as fast as they could. The fence they climbed was completely blocked and there was no way out. It must have had something to do with the figure the two girls saw. They knew it was not a human, but what else would be moving the way it did. They found a staircase that lead to the top of the building that they began to climb, a spot light was on top of there, just waiting for them, the light scared them, Amanda thought it had something to do with the figure they saw. Soon they found out the light was coming from a car, a cop car. The girls were caught trespassing.

That night the girls received an earful from their parents, but they knew something wasn’t right about that place, they definitely saw something unnatural in the place. They didn’t know what it was, probably something unknown to the world, they might not ever figure it out, until Amanda goes back into the old theater again, she promised herself.

The author's comments:
kindof a true storyy, ;)

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