November 24, 2009
By Anonymous

I have never tried Paintballing in my life before. My best friend, Mark, had been playing all his life and never gave up once.
He told me, “Playing paintball is like a skill that needs to be achieved by practicing”. Back then he was training with his dad and people use to make fun of him for being the first one to lose the game. He told us story about a frog trying to get out of a pail full of milk. One day a frog was being nosy and hopped right into a barnyard. As he stepped in he was very careless and hopped right into a pail of milk. The frog tried to reach to the top of the pail but it was too high and steep to hop out. He was determined and continued to struggle to get out of the pail of milk. All of the churning had turned the milk into solid butter and the frog hopped right out of the pail.

I remember it was in the middle of the summer when Mark had called me up and asked if I was ready to go Paintballing. It was a hot Sunday afternoon when we carpooled and got to Cousin’s Paintball in Staten Island. I was anxious to play but I didn’t like the environment I was in.
“Are you ready to win?” Mark said

“I was born to win” I replied. There were mosquitoes as big as a fly that flew around looking for its next victim to suck on. Upon entering I felt as if I had entered into the battlefield of World War III, the loud firing sounds that had sparked the air and paint splattered all over the ground. I had paid beforehand so I didn’t have to wait in line for my rental. I was a brave soldier under heavy armor and was ready to go play. There were a lot of counselors to regulate game play and to tell us the rules. We were separated into two teams of four. I was on Mark’s team to the very end of the game. Walking through the woods and entering the map of our battle field got me very excited and worried at the same time.
The horn blown; the game officially began. I was lost already and didn’t know what to do but hide behind a rock. My team was so energetic and was ready to rush the other team, but I felt as if I slowed everyone down. I was running towards the other team, but there was someone hiding ready to ambush me. I shot my very first paintball. There was the ball, flying through the air, as it finally hit the other opponent it ate through his vest and slowly diminished his power and he fell to the ground in pain. One down and three more to go. Mark risked the chance to save the team under one minute and had rushed to the other side while firing bullets. There was Mark lying on the ground, paint splattered all over him, and there was the other team cheering right over him. We lost the game, but we never gave up. The game just begun.

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PennyR SILVER said...
on Dec. 1 2009 at 10:23 pm
PennyR SILVER, Brooklyn, New York
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hey i knew i read this before


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