the 1 thing i regret

November 24, 2009
If you could go back into time would you? Would you go back and change something you regret or would you go back and something you regret or would you go back and say goodbye to someone you never got the chance to say it to?
If I ever got the change to go back into time I would go back to when I was four years old and say goodbye to my brother Ryan, or at least stop him from killing himself; He was the best big brother anyone could ever ask for, and for that I am grateful that I got to spend those few years I got to spend with him. There is one memory that I remember the most. It was a beautiful summer day, the sun was bright and warm, the sky clear of the fluffy blue clouds, and my brother and I were playing in the backyard. I had taken Ryan’s hat and wouldn’t give it back, he said if I didn’t give him his hat back he would pick me up and dump me in a bath tub full of cold water with all my clothes on! I didn’t believe him and refused to give his hat back, he went inside and left me thinking he had given up; that was definitely not the case, he had started the cold water bath. He ran outside behind me grabbed me up, took his hat, and dropped me into the ice cold water. Not long after that ice cold water bath that he put me into, he went up to Idaho and committed suicide, without an goodbye from anyone he loved.
A lot of people regret things in life but we all know that if it happens, it happen for a reason to teach you a life lesson, I regret not being able to say goodbye to my brother and spend the deserved time with him.?

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