November 24, 2009
By Pianokeyz SILVER, Henderson, Nevada
Pianokeyz SILVER, Henderson, Nevada
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Have you done or said something that makes you think I’ll regret this later? The answer’s simple; you have had regret. Everyone has including me. I could’ve just done what my mom said, instead of her welling up at her own guilt trip.

My sister’s a sophomore in college at NYU, and she calls to update my mom on her goings-on in college on occasion. My sister nonchalantly tells mom I should call her. I have no desire to talk with Sarah, though. We have a six and a half year age difference, and we’re at opposite ends of the spectrum. I love Sarah, but we have a lot of awkward silences in our conversations.

I asked my mom with a whine, “Do I have to call her?” She scolds me which immediately shows me she’s ashamed. She responds, “You know you’re lucky to have a sister because I was alone.” My mom is an only child. Disappointment in me was blazing like wildfire; I have nothing left to say. My mother walks away in agitation, and I sigh and contemplate what she told me.
I could’ve easily called Sarah, but I was clouded with thoughts of our usually tedious conversations. I was selfish, and I said something about a sensitive subject with my mom. I felt like a criminal not admitting to his crime because I know I did a bad thing. When I did call, to get my conscious clean, she ended up being in class.

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