Steel Force

November 24, 2009
By guitarmastercg27 SILVER, Wayne, New Jersey
guitarmastercg27 SILVER, Wayne, New Jersey
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After being too short for any rides we finally found one I could ride, and it was still a very big coaster. I tilted my head up and saw the red track. The drop looked as if it was strait down, and I could hear the screams of people as the train sped by me. It gave me goose bumps. I approach the front steps a little anxious, and my eyes staring strait down at the steps. I slowly lift my head just to read the monstrous sign in front of the steps that read, in big letters “Steel Force”. I am nine at the time, and I am barely 48”, so I am a bit nervous because this will be my first big ride ever. I couldn’t stand still. I was shaking my knees couldn’t support my body very well. I felt wobbly on my heels. I wasn’t sure if I would be able to get on this ride.

I place my foot on the first step, and slowly make my way up, but didn’t make it far because I eventually found myself standing behind the next person in line. I thought to myself, “What a relief this is going to be a long line. I won’t have to get on for a while.” I was wrong the line moved extremely fast. Soon enough I was first in line. I was so scared, and I had all these thoughts running through my head especially doubt. I was constantly doubting myself; saying I can’t do this, but I convinced myself otherwise. I was getting on this ride; luckily I had a friend to comfort me.

The gates were opened. The next step meant I would be in the Cart. I slowly bent my wobbly knees until I was sitting on the seat. The seat wasn’t very comfortable, so that made me feel more apprehensive. The safety latch was released, and with the help of my friend we lowered the safety bar to our shaking thighs. I was trembling, my teeth were chattering. The person controlling the ride announced enthusiastically a message on the microphone, “Enjoy your ride on Steel Force!” The train moved forward slowly lugging on the chain. “Cha Cha Cha…” We approached an incline in the ride and started moving up the hill. I scan my left and right, thinking I could fall out any second. I knew every inch meant I would be getting closer to the 205 ft drop. It was a nerve wrecking trip to reach a height of 205 feet. I knew it only took 20 seconds to get to the top but it felt like 20 hours. Twenty hours filled with horror.

We reached the top; it seemed as if I was on top of the world. Everything froze when I reached the top, and I looked down and saw all the people; they all looked liked ants. I couldn’t believe I was at the top of a 205 ft drop. It was a glorious moment until I looked down at the track, and I imagined what seemed to be me plummeting down to my doom. The ride crawled forward on the metal track. I began to close my eyes.

“Whoosh” Is the sound running through my ears as the winds blows in one ear, and out the other. This sound stays with me as I slide down the drop at 70 mph. My feet felt like they were glued to the bottom of the cart, but it also felt like I was standing up and could just flip out of the cart. I started to wonder if this ride was safe, but I also started to feel that it was thrilling and amusing. I opened my eyes, but still couldn’t see anything due to the fact that I was in a tunnel. It was so dark, but it didn’t affect me because my adrenaline rush overpowered every other feeling in my body. Soon I began to see some light peek out from the end of the tunnel. Next thing I knew we were heading up another hill; approximately 150 ft. The train slowed up a little at the top, and it was relaxing, but that didn’t last long because then we picked up a lot of speed on the trip down. As soon as we hit the bottom of this drop, I knew I had changed. I was a new person, no more being scared and shy. This was truly a life changing experience. I loved the adrenaline rushing through my veins, the blood pumping fast, the fear, and the wind rushing through my head. I was a different person. Instead of screaming in fear I began to scream just because I felt like it. I wanted to raise my arms but when I did, I started to lift forward off my seat, and I didn’t like that.

After, the last drop we did some sharp turns where I kept sliding into my friend, but we overcame the pain of slamming into the side of the cart. Next we were doing multiple mini drops each about 15 ft, but they were still enjoyable. Luckily, I was smiling the entire time because during one of the drops, there was a camera that took my picture. The flash was blinding, so I couldn’t see anything for the next few seconds, but it didn’t really matter because the ride was practically over. Then we came to a short stop, which made me lean forward into the safety bar, that kind of hurt. Our cart crept forward slightly, back to the starting point of the exhilarating ride. The latch was released again, and I lifted it and was as talkative as could be, and I shouted, “This ride is awesome!”

The announcer had another message “Please unbuckle your seatbelt and exit to your left.” Then I lowered my head until my eyes met with my lap and saw no seatbelt around my waist. Now I knew why it “felt like” we were standing up because we actually were. The only think stopping me from being dead at this very second was just a safety bar. The thought of riding Steel Force without a seatbelt was scary. I get chills just thinking about it. Even though the ride only lasted two minutes, I will always remember this thrilling experience.

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