Well,that's just great...you felt like it.

November 24, 2009
By decaydence SILVER, Penobscot, Maine
decaydence SILVER, Penobscot, Maine
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do you really want to know?

I see it. Wow, it is beautiful. I wonder if the nature lodge would like this…
“ what the $%*@ did you do that for!” I screamed, now seeing the place occupied by a green frog 0.5 seconds ago was now occupied by a large stick and a seemingly dead frog.
“I felt like it.” Jordin replied.

I proceeded to fish the frog out of the pond, and started to preform CPR. (Not mouth to mouth, sicko. Just abdominal thrusts, which in the frog’s case, was some severe pokes in the stomach.)
I started to think, what an idiot I look like, performing CPR on a stupid dead frog. I was about to stop when the frog twitched.

Nerves, I told myself. But I continued, just in case. It twitched again. And again. Its leg moved. It started to breath. And then it flipped over and looked at me. Not grateful or any thing. Kind of a mix between what on earth were you doing! and ohhhh..my head..

I quickly snatched the frog up and brought it to the nature lodge and told the staff my strange story. They told me it probably wasn’t dead. It probably wasn’t, but I was glad I knew my CPR. People started to laugh at me. I knew what they were thinking: Who would perform cpr on a frog and succeed? Who would try? Definitely a strange person like me. And I’m glad I did.

I found out the next day that the frog I saved was eaten by a bigger frog in the tank they kept them in. Well, It’s official. Life definitely sucks.

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a camp experience

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