The art syndrome

November 24, 2009
By decaydence SILVER, Penobscot, Maine
decaydence SILVER, Penobscot, Maine
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“I’d call it a M”, my art teacher announced.

There had been many of these kind of talks all through about 3 years. The teacher would look at my art work, grimace slightly, and grade it on effort or whatever her mood suggested.

You might ask, what made my artwork so repulsive? It was well thought out, met all the standards, and was rather good compared to others. It was just off, not quite right. She would hand out a assignment, and I would use it as guideline for whatever came into my head. If you were to look at my and the rest of my classes art, it would be easy to recognize the assignment. And you would recognize that mine doesn’t exactly fit the equation. It is different, too big or over the top. It seems I have an art disease, where my art has something wrong with it, not right doesn’t lend in or fit in: an art syndrome.

But then again, that is what art is all about. It is about having your creative juices flowing out for all to see. Unsure,I asked my art teacher about this.

“Why can’t I just do the assignment like you tell me to? ” I asked.

“Because art is unique,” she replied. “I hope I haven’t crushed your creative spirit.”
I had the perfect answer. “

Not yet.”

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my tenous relationship with art

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