Kayak Trip

November 22, 2009
By Anonymous

This past summer I spent a lot of time with my brother. My most memorable moment with him this summer was when we went kayaking. It was amazing how we went from being bored at home, to kayaking over a waterfall, and then finally finishing our three-hour trip.

It was a beautiful day outside and my brother had decided to call in sick to work. We were spending our day playing badminton and videogames, but eventually we got bored. Because we were so bored, and my mom was complaining about us being home, we left to go fishing at the Pike Hole. We decided that after a little bit of fishing we were going to kayak down river. Once we arrived at the Pike Hole we had a very long way to carry the kayaks to get down to the river. The path down was very rough and had a lot of roots and logs strewn across it. Once we had finished our trek down to the river we got into our kayaks and started our journey.

Very soon after we started downriver we came upon what we thought was a small passable waterfall. While we were making our way to it, I got stuck on some rocks, however; unfortunately for my brother he did not. When he went over the waterfall I could not see what happened to him very well, but I could see his feet flailing in the air wildly as he was flipped out of his boat. After seeing that, I quickly got out of my kayak and carried it down the rocks. The next thing I saw was his kayak upside down in the river and my brother standing on the far bank. He was holding his one true love, his cell phone, which he thought was broken after being soaked by the waterfall. After a small meltdown on his part, he walked across the river to get his kayak and pull it onto the shore. Once he had gotten his kayak on shore we found out that his fishing rod was gone. Luckily the water was clear and we found many things. We found a flip flop and a couple of crayfish traps, but we never did find his fishing rod. We also found a lot of lost swimming gear and fishing baits, but they were in the bottom of the deep hole. After finding all of those useless things, and not his rod, we decided to continue our trip down the river.

After restarting our trip, we came upon a second waterfall. However, this time we both frantically tried to get to the shore so we wouldn’t flip our kayaks. Luckily we both made it to shore about five feet in front of the waterfall. Once again I walked my kayak down around the waterfall, but this time my brother did, too.
After the excitement of the waterfalls, we had a relaxing trip downriver. We paddled downriver for almost an hour before we saw anything interesting. We were very interested in a corner we floated over because we saw a very large musky, a walleye, and two smallmouth bass in that corner. Unfortunately however, my brother didn’t have his fishing rod, so we had to pass over it and hope that we would come back to it another time. After we had passed over the deep corner we did not see anything exciting for the rest of our trip. We finished our trip with about another hour or so of paddling downriver to get to the bridge our truck was parked near.

It was amazing how fun and relaxing a kayak trip could be on what was once a boring day. That day was the best day I spent with my brother, that summer, and it is completely because of the boring morning, exciting waterfalls, and relaxing river.

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