November 20, 2009
By , Charlotte, NC
In the back.
So far away.
What is she saying?
I can barely hear.
I can't see what she's doing.
What's on the board?
All the laughing I hear.
The headaches come and go.
He sits right next to me.
What a "joy" it is to hear you!
The yells and the laughs.
The stupid cat jokes.
The horrible remarks.
Well, it all comes down to,
me falling low on the charts.
I need to move,
seats and more seats away.
Yes! On the other side of the classroom!
I hear the jokes,
but it passes through my ears and the obnoxious laughs.
Now, i'm my own self,
concentrated and happy.
The smiles on my face when I get back an A paper.
I get distracted, but not anymore. (:

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riley.nicole!XD said...
Dec. 13, 2009 at 8:19 am
Post comments people! i want to hear what your opinions are! :)
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