November 20, 2009
By Jenna_V BRONZE, Saginaw, Michigan
Jenna_V BRONZE, Saginaw, Michigan
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"There is neither good nor evil, only thinking makes it so." Shakespeare

April 29 2008—a seemingly normal Tuesday, one were a high school sophomore could enjoy the first rainless day of the past week. Yet beneath the promise of radiant sunshine lurked a ferocious beast, he had long ago sharpened his demonic dagger in preparation for this day and he knew he would leave nothing left. His intent was to destroy this girl's newfound happiness and leave it as nothing more than tattered ribbons, it would be an impossible puzzle and on the cusp of this dawning day he knew it was the perfect time to strike. She couldn't escape into a world of slumber during the school day and his mouth watered at the misery he would bring. He tightened his grip on his weapon and bounded into the school, his sights already set, his excitement practically tangible. Nothing was more exciting to him than to kill young love.

He slunk around the endless corners of the circular pods, knowing right where to find his victim. She would be with the rest of her friends, huddled near the band room, gossip floating around them. He spotted her best friend and he knew this would be how he delivered his blow. As she approached his victim he whispered words into her ear, forcing her to say them aloud, her eyes already red.

“Jenna, they're taking him off life support today.” The words rang without an ounce of uncertainty, they were rooted deep in a truth the girl had not wanted to acknowledge. He had done his job and there was a finesse he had used that surprised even himself.

A man was holding me, my eyes stung with tears but I couldn't remember why, the last few minutes of my memory were completely gone.

“Jenna what's wrong?” I heard a strong male voice ask as he was trying to pick me up from the ground. I knew he was trying to take me somewhere more private—he was a decent friend of mine—but I couldn't find the strength in my legs. I desperately tried to remember the cause of my tears and when I finally did my body shook and my breathing stopped. It was just too horrific to believe. At two o'clock I would still be in school but at the hospital they would be ending a life, a life that was so very precious to me.

“They're killing him today.” I spoke, my eyes focusing on nothing but I noticed the weak chuckle I permitted to pass my lips. At first the man didn't understand but I brought my face up and he looked straight into my eyes, instant recognition crossing his features. He knew I was losing my first love through no fault of my own and he didn't ask why he would die today, he simply wrapped me in the biggest hug I have ever received and held me there. I couldn't make the attempt to hold back my tears anymore and I didn't care who saw, they could gawk and laugh at the girl crying in the hallway but what they couldn't see was my heart breaking.

I tried many times to call home but my parents were both working and my brother had class, I was forced to make my way through my the day. I can't really remember what might have happened in any of my classes but I remember clutching a small stuffed panda he had given me that I carried in my backpack. It was just small enough to fit in my palm and it smelled of him and his peculiar fabric softener. The white had turned a slight purplish color because I had accidently washed it with a new sweatshirt. Every time I looked at it I remembered he had one similar, we had turned it blue after the accidental dye job of mine.

The day ticked slowly on and when the clock ticked its way into my sixth hour band class and I simply sat there, glancing up at the clock every few minutes, counting the seconds and wishing I could be by his side. It would have been no use though, I knew he wasn't conscious. When the clock struck two I excused myself to the hallway and I parked myself on the floor, my back to the wall. I could do nothing but cry. The strangest thing was I didn't cry for very long. I can only try to explain why. It was probably a few minutes after two when my tears suddenly dried up, I wasn't able to cry anymore, even if I had wanted to I couldn't. A warmth worked its way around me and my heart ache dulled, the blackness brightened behind my closed lids. I turned my head to look out the doors leading outside and the sun was drying up puddles I hadn't known were there. I guess the earth cried with me that day and just as my tears had died the sun had come out to dry the earth. I smiled then and it was a true smile. I knew why I couldn't cry anymore now, I knew who was secretly comforting me.

“Don't cry angel.” I could practically hear him say it and nearly feel him brush the curls away from my face.

“I love you.” I whispered and I knew he heard me.

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