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November 18, 2009
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February 1st, 2009- I lost my father and best-friend that day. The best, and most thoughtful person you can ever know. He put others befor himself. He made sure our family was secure even if he wasn't. I can never forget all the wonderful memories and inside jokes we had. i would name them all, but that would last forever, and they all will.
February 6th, 2009- I saw my father that day. He was put to rest in peace. Finding out he pasted away was the hard part, but there's nothing more painful than looking at someone you love dead in front of your eyes. His hands were cold, but we all still loved him with burning passion.
February 7th, 2009- I gave my final goodbyes that day. It was harder than anything I've ever done. I don't understand why he had to leave. I just know all his pain is gone now, and that he's in a better place. Coming home that night without him was heart-breaking. Everything was quiet. No more hearing the parents fight, or the "clean your room" state. No more getting yelled at or grounded- None of it... and i never thought I'de miss all of it as much as i do. we all cry ourselves to sleep every night. But we all keep going just like he would want us too.
February 1st, 2009- The Lord took away a great guy that day. The world will truly miss him. But we'll all see each other soon. We're hanging in there as best as we can. I put a fake smile on my face to hide the tears, and try to be as happy as possible. That's all that i can do for now. I don't know what will happen, or where we will all be later on in life, but thank you for getting us this far. I loved you and i still do love you with all my heart. R.I.P. Thomas Salvatore.

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