November 17, 2009
By Anonymous

School. What happens behind the academics? I'll tell you. In my school it's full of hypocrites and cliques, as i imagine some schools are. I believe that the more you pay for school the more messed up the kids are. there's so much sex, drugs, and alcohol. also, it's physically impossible to work back a good reputation. last year i was taken advantage of, and then the jerk went around telling everyone a completely different version of the story then what actually happened so that he would seem like the s***. Truth is i got wicked drunk and he was tipsy and we ended up having "sex" if you can call it that, but he didn't even go in me. But, me being weak and spineless didn't bother to tell the truth because i realized they weren't going to believe me, i wasn't going to be able to change all of those peoples minds.

I've tried for a year now to earn back a good rep but no one will give me the chance. i deserve that chance more then some people in our school but soon i wont need it anymore because i'll be graduating next year. i wish more then anything to get a second chance but that will never happen.

people today still give me grief for it and it's been a year and 2 months since the accident occurred. Now all guys see me is a piece of meat who has sex with everyone. well i hop al those guys out there know I'm not gonna give them anything unless there is something meaningful attached to it. I'm sick of being used and I'm looking for something meaningful in my life.

if all these people want to cause drama and ruin peoples lives hey don't know what they've got coming because I'm taking this time to stand up for all of us hurt and abandoned people and get back at all those people who thought they could silence us.

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