Six Flags

November 16, 2009
By Chriswho BRONZE, Ft.wainwright, Alaska
Chriswho BRONZE, Ft.wainwright, Alaska
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Screaming, Talking, Laughing, Sounds of rides, cotton candy, greasy foods sounds like six flags! And that’s exactly where me and my friend were at, But lets backtrack. One day my mom called me saying we were going to six flags. I got so excited because I’ve never been to any type of amusement park before. So then I proceeded to tell my friend about what my mom had said, and she said “oh man that’s so cool, I love six flags I have a season pass for six flags”. That’s when I got the idea hey why don’t she come with us! So I called up my mom and asked her and she said yea. So I called up my friend and told her my idea and how my mom had said yes and she got excited, and asked her mom as well. And would you believe it her mom said yes too, we were so exited we couldn’t even believe it! So the weeks went by and before we knew it, it was time for us to go to six flags. We had planned to go get her early because we were going to spend the whole day there. So we went and got her around six am and then we went and got some breakfast and begun our long journey to six flags. The ride up there was pretty long but me and my friend made it fun! After 3 or 4 hours in the car we finally arrived but to our dismay it was raining. We thought oh man now we can’t go on any rides! But thankfully, it stopped raining. So then we finally found a parking spot and got out and I saw the “Titan” and looked at my friend and said “were going on that”! She wasn’t too thrilled about that, she was scared. So then we proceeded to go into the park and got our tickets and flash pass and my family wanted to go somewhere different then me and my friend wanted to. So, my mom gave me her phone so we could go our separate ways. Me and my friend were so excited we didn’t know what to go on first. So we walked around and finally found a miniature roller costar and decided to get on that. And we found that to be so much fun we went on it about twenty times. And then we went on the flying ride, and that was alright. Then my mom called and said to meet them at the food court for some lunch. So we walked around for 15 minutes trying to find them. Then, once we finally found them we ate. And went on this boat ride before we went on any major rides to let our stomachs settle. Then after that we went on “the superman” and my friend was scared to death on that ride. And then we went off and rode some more rides and then my mom calls saying “time to go”. And me and my friend were mad because we were suppose to stay all day then go into the haunted house at night but it was like 3 or 4 pm and we were leaving already. So we had to go find them and then we left six flags and made our way back home and dropped my friend off and went and got some Chinese. It was a perfect ending to a perfect day!

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