November 18, 2009
By BRONZE, Canton, Ohio BRONZE, Canton, Ohio
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Boredom reeks havoc on our class as precious time ticks away. I am counting down in agony, awaiting the bell, which is always the savior of our students on a school day. Desks are like prison cells as we are put through endless torture minute by minute. I drift into a place that provides safety and security for my developing mind. I'd rather not listen to the meaningless words pouring out of the teacher's mouth like an endless froth. My mind turns to goop as the latest gossip is displayed before me in a very obvious manner. My precious "safe place" is crushed as the teacher says "test". I panic not knowing anything we just covered in class.

What seems like hours later, I have conquered the gut-wrenching test and made it, in one piece, out. I can almost taste freedom as I inch closer to the double-doors at the end of the hallway, imprisoning my peers and I. I am rewarded with the satisfaction of having made it through another day of madness as I stroll away from a place that has brought me so much grief.

The author's comments:
I was sitting in study hall thinking this same thing and it came to me..

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