Just Another Day on the Job

November 25, 2009
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Slowly getting out of my car, I stumbled into work. I grab the weed killer and the sprayer in the barn. I slowly unwind the hose and drag it out of the barn and rashly fill up the sprayer. 15 minutes later the 30 gallon sprayer was full. Carefully pouring in three cups of weed killer, my boss, Mr. Huber, runs out of his domicile. I brace myself, for what I thought would be a long ear full because my boss is a meticulous person.

“Drive to the 80 and look for Andres!”

Not knowing the seriousness of the situation, I casually jog to the tractor and drive down. Carefully observing through the trees, I wait for someone to call my name and take them back to the house. As time elapses, I realize I’ve driven all over the 80 and notice something is really wrong. 10 minutes later, I speed the tractor up and start covering more ground. 15 minutes later, I come to the one side of the track I haven’t seen yet. The toe of a boot peaks through the long grass. Slowly I carefully creep closer, still on the tractor. With every rotation of the tires, his body is revealed to me more and more. I try and obviate for what was to come

Bracing myself for a lurid site, the tractor is tip toeing closer to the body. Suddenly I can see his whole body. Chills run through my body. I freeze. No words come to me.

“Hhh--- eee---yyy,” I struggle to force out.
No movement.
Suddenly two people ride down to the track on horse back, one being my boss and the other his daughter. I slowly tell them my conjecture. Jumping off his horse Mr. Huber sprints to the body. Still no movement. He starts to sob.
The sporadic death of Andres was life changing. I have become more of a lax person. I realized that life is too short to be uptight all the time. I learned to enjoy every minute I have of life itself because it can be taken just as quickly. I take advantage of just being alive. I try and live every day with the best attitude and put a smile on my face even if it is a bad day. Simply just because I am alive.

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