Tricky Horses

November 25, 2009
By HoffGuy BRONZE, Hartland, Wisconsin
HoffGuy BRONZE, Hartland, Wisconsin
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"You never get better if you only qork hard on the days when you feel good."

It was a summer work day for Brian. He was employed at the farm that supported the polo fields in Merton. Every year, they would spiradicly bring up a proffesional player from Africa to train here. I never knew they did this, and now I want to go and watch a polo game sometime this year.
As Brian was hard at work with his pitch fork, the African player galloped into the trails. Brian said, “I hope he is careful in those trails, they can get pretty wicked.” The employee working at his side said, “Dude, don’t worry about it,” with a quip remark. Brian looked up nervously and went back to work.
Brian knew something was wrong, the rider has been out too long. The other emplyoee finally believed him, and they obviated where they think he may of crashed. They ran to the sharp corner with the big trees; there the horse was, looking at them with a bloody face. The shoe of the rider was the first thing they saw. The blood trail led them to the lurid, mangled body of the rider. Brian immediately called his mother and she said, “Get your phone out and call 911!” So he did, and the police arrived…Brian was frozen with fear. He kept saying, “Take me to my domicile, take me to my domicile.”
The investigators were taking pictures and writing down notes in their books. They kept trying to come up with a conjecture to how this all happened. No one witnessed the crash so it was very difficult to firgure out. I mean, it would have been a lot easier if the horse had just told us how it all went down.
The policeman said Brian made a rash decision letting this rider go by himself. The policeman was wrong, he was a proffecisonal rider who knew what he was doing. The police came to the conclusion that horse became meticulous about going down the trail because there was a deer nearby. The rider kept on going…the horse got spooked. The rider was completely at fault for this accident.
The school year came around and the time elapsed, making it easier for Brian to talk about. This is horrible, no child should have to see a dead person. Brian may be scarred for life, but atleast he has a story to tell.

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