A Beautiful Friendship

November 24, 2009
By Angelica Zlotorzynski BRONZE, Brooklyn, New York
Angelica Zlotorzynski BRONZE, Brooklyn, New York
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There once was a fisherman that had been fishing for days but had absolutely no luck. Finally something tugged at his net and when he looked he saw a small fish caught in it.
"Please let me go," begged the fish. "I will grow larger in a few days and then you can catch me again."
The fisherman replied, "Now that I have caught you, I won't let you go. If I leave you, I may never see you again."
My friends and I never let each other go, either. We stay by each other’s sides no matter what the situation is. From our late night, never ending phone calls, to our clamorous slumber parties, we are inseparable.
Izzy, who is the tallest and thinnest of us all always says, “I hate living here. I’m way too far away from you guys.” She was talking about Elwira and me.
However, living in completely different neighborhoods doesn’t even stop us from being the best of friends. We’ve been through almost everything together, even a trip to the hospital the time Izzy fell on her rollerblades and had to be rushed to the hospital with me and Elwira holding her hands on each side praying to God she would be okay, and crying with her like she wasn’t the only one in such throbbing pain.
Other times weren’t so painful. A day that was very memorable to me was my sweet 16 party. All of us gathered at my house to get ready and take pictures. I didn’t feel too comfortable, but my best friends were there to tell me how stunning I looked. Before we knew it, it was time to go to the catering hall. We walked through the shimmering glass door into a heartwarming, red, pink, and fuchsia room. I have never seen anything so magnificent before. When the guests shortly arrived, everyone ate large plates of mouth watering, delicious food. Then the music came on and suddenly the room was transformed into a night club with boys and girls laughing and dancing while the flashing lights illuminated the scene. The dj was the king of their souls.
When it was time to blow out my candles, Izzy and Elwira surprised me with the most touching speech ever. I still remember a line that they said, “She’s the first to wipe our tears and keep us grounded through thick and thin.”
As I was about to blow my candles, I realized that there is nothing I could possibly wish for. I have a loving family, I go to a wonderful school, and I have the best friends anyone could ask for. I thought for long until I finally made up my mind about my wish, which was to continue the luck I have in life, and to be friends with my girls forever. Through everything I learned an important lesson. Be friends with those who need you in their lives because they are the fisherman that truly know your worth and value.

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