Best Friends

October 30, 2009
By , kingwood, TX
A best friend is a very important person to have while going through the high school experience. My best friend has played a major role in me finding myself and growing as a person. He has been there for me through all the high school drama and tough times but we didn’t always get along so well. My best friend, Derrick, and I used to be enemies. I mean were used to have pure hatred toward each other. The first time we met everything went terrible. This first day we met we were at a mutual friend’s house and he was being himself which is loud and obnoxious and I wasn’t in the best of mood so I snapped at him. I started yelling and telling him he should sit down and just shut up because nobody likes him. Feeling disrespected he fired back at me that I shouldn’t be so rude and I wasn’t going to make him be quiet so I should just leave. We saw each other about six times over the course of a few months and then we didn’t see each other for abut a year. Over that time period we both change on the inside and the outside so when we met up again we didn’t recognize each other. One day we were just sitting talking about all the people that we didn’t like and the topic came up about a rude girl and a loud obnoxious boy. It was then that we realized that we were sworn enemies at a point and time. We always bring it up and talk about it and it’s an inside joke and something to laugh at. Even though we were once enemies one thing is for sure we will always remain friends.

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