Gettting Jake

October 30, 2009
My family was looking into getting a new pet for our household since, to be frank, our current pet was getting quite old. We always liked the idea of having a dog around and a cousin of mine knew someone who was wanting to give away a couple of dogs they owned. My sister, dad and I drove over to the house they were staying to take a look and hopefully find a perfect dog that would fit well in our home. Neither was found immediately, but over time the dog we chose would become one that built lasting memories and gave me a new outlook towards animals in general.

I walked into what I believed to be a backyard, but was quickly met with two very jumpy and energetic dogs. After much saliva was collected on our hands and faces my dad agreed to take one of the dogs off their hands in a couple of days. We arrived at the house the second time, leash in hand, to expect the same happy dog we’d met only hours earlier. Once in the yard, he instantly became a timid little creature who was frightened of what was going on. Confused at this odd shift in personality I just watched my father carry the dog into our car. I sat in silence on the way home thinking only about the scared dog in the backseat.

Once we arrived home my dad took a look at the dog’s ribs, which you could easily identify, and grabbed a can of dog food. Never in my life had I seen a dog inhale food so rapidly. As I watched him I realized that not every pet or every owner for that matter was the same as the ones I had always been around. I had finally grasped the concept that this almost helpless animal depended on us for its life and well-being.

I was a mere girl of nine when a scrawny little dog had a big impact on my life. From then on I have appreciated the way dogs and other animals love their owners whole heartedly even when their lives aren’t ideal. There many things I have an average opinion on, but having a pet thrive in someone’s care is something I firmly believe in. I have experienced what laziness or maybe even carelessness has done to an animal with my own eyes and it’s something I wish to never be a part of.

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