A Summer to remember

October 29, 2009
By squilliam BRONZE, Park City, Utah
squilliam BRONZE, Park City, Utah
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Last summer, I went to a crazy summer camp. So the People from Park City played this game called double tap. How double tap works is if when 1)you set your glass down you have to tap it twice, and 2) If you don’t, you get a dare. Being very forgetful, I sat down first thing, screwed it up, and got a dare. My dare was to eat 6 spoonfuls of hot sauce! I thought “oh well, how bad can it be?”

How wrong i was.

As i started on on spoon number one, i thought “Hey, i can DO this!”. By the third spoon my taste buds were starting to weaken, and my eyes started to water.by spoon #5, I kind of felt, well, ready to brow up and land in little flaming pieces, and by then, the whole place was watching because i was making such a ruckus. As i raised the final spoon to my lips, i decided I couldn’t take it anymore!

I needed water right away, so i grabbed the whole pitcher of water that was sitting in front of me, and dumped the whole thing on my face! Every one in the whole building was laughing and eventually i looked up weakly and laughed with them.

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