My Merory Button

October 20, 2009
By Anonymous

My memory button belonged to David, my grandpa on my moms side. Grandpa was the most caring and helpful person that you could ever meet. He always gave us money before the school year started to buy clothing, shoes, and school supplies. At the time I didn't realize that he was on a tight budget and was sick but he always found a way to help us out.

Grandpa lived in Washington D.C, in a house by himself. My grandpa could usually be found at work, always working to help his kids and grand kids. He always liked to be visiting his kids in Texas and when he would come down we would always have cookouts and everybody would go over to my grandmas house and we would play football, go skating, dance, and many many other things and when he would come visit he would always wear this blue sweater and his button would always be on there.

My strongest memory of my grandpa was that when I was just a little girl he thought me how to dance and it was fun, me and him would always be playing around and laughing. When I was upset for any reason my grandpa always knew how to cheer me up he would always find a way to put a smile on my face.

The reason I decided t keep this button was because two years ago my grandpa died of diabetes and cancer and it was a very sad thing. It was in December we had to just get up and leave to Mexico because one of my moms sisters called and told her that grandpa was very sick and was dying so we just packed our things and rushed to Mexico and that was very sad I looked up to my grandpa a lot. And he once told me that if anything were to ever happen to him that he would want me to keep the button and take care of it and when something would happen to me to pass it down to my kids like a tradition and so as of this day it has been two years and ten months since my grandpa has been gone and in December it will be three years and up to this day I still have the button he gave me in a safe place.

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