My Grandmother's Button

October 20, 2009
By Anonymous

My memory button belonged to Becky, my grandmother on my mother side. The relationship I had with her is she was my grandmother. She had a good personality. She was a very loving, caring and kind person. She would always be kind and helpful to others and show lots of love to everybody.

She lived in Dallas where the rest of our family lives. She can be found in the living room most of the time. she enjoys sowing and cooking. I found this button from that old sweater she wore almost everyday of her life.

My strongest memory of my grandmother occurred on my birthday when I was nine years old. When I read my bible I never forget the first time my grandmother introduce me to it when I was seven years old.

When my grandmother passed away a few years later I wanted to remember some of the best times of my childhood and my grandmother that showed me her love. When I look at the button, I think of my grandmother sitting on the couch, drinking coffee and holding on to her sweater as it keeps her warm.

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