October 19, 2009
My eyes are wide with fear as the parent in the backroom leads us to the hallway. The last song of the opening act comes to an end, and then the butterflies in my stomach become crazy, never stopping even for a minute. As the cast silently moves backstage, Randy, my director, gives his regular speech. Then finally I hear him announce, “Ladies and gentlemen, I give you, Annie!” The audience applauses and the orphans go into their sleeping bags. Caleigh and I work our way to stage left, where we are going to be hidden until its time. Our hearts race as we hear the opening line to the play. My hands cramp up in excitement and nervousness. Then Caliegh leaves, making her entrance. Leaving me to myself, for about a minute or so. I use that minute as prep time. Getting into my character. Mrs. Hannigan, who is about as far from my personality as can be. Then I hear the scary escape music, I take I deep breath, and emerge from behind the flap. Its show time!

I am all caught up in the adrenaline rush, my nerves are forgotten. As the show goes on, I get more and more comfortable. I let loose, and just have fun. As soon as intermission hits, I am plain old maddy again. My friends and family come to the back room, telling me I did great and all that stuff. Everyone is eating and having fun. Then we hear Randy’s annoying bell. My family retreats back to their seats, as I get ready for the next scene. As I look out into the audience, I try no find my family. Then realizing it’s a bad idea that if I see my sisters face, all nervous and scared, I will start laughing. As the final song ends, we all rush off stage and get in order for bows. I am third to the back. As each of the orphans go up and take a bow, everyone cheers, whistling and clapping. then the more important parts go and everyone is screaming. It’s finally my turn, and as I start to walk onto stage, I can hear my sister saying “I love you maddy!”
Then the thunderous applause starts, and I can hardly believe it’s for me! I walk off to go get in line for the very last dance. After the play is officially over, I can go see my friends and family. I am bombarded with flowers and hugs that can knock the breath out of you! I am on cloud 9 as they tell me how I did, and what there favorite part was. As I hug my friends, and tell everyone how good they were, I hear Randy announce that cast pictures are in 5 minutes. As everyone makes there way to the stage, my friend’s parents all wanted a big picture of us. Then Randy places us where we need to be, and we all plaster a smile on our face. All the parents rush to get our pictures, flashes everywhere. I don’t know which camera to look at.

“Randy! Randy! Randy! Randy!” The orphans start to chant his name, as me and Caleigh give each other a look that says ‘O god, here we go again’ and Randy waits until we chant for about a minute, and then steps on the stage to take a picture with us. Soon the pictures are over. We all leap off the stage, to the backroom, where costumes and props are are. I take my big bag, and as I’m walking to the stairs, where my mom was waiting with the car, Randy pulls me aside.

“You were 12 out of 10. I hope you are doing the next show.”
You could probably guess that I was excited about that! Except the next show was The Elves and the Shoemaker. I didn’t want to be in that. So I make up some excuse,

“I don’t think I will be able to make all the rehearsals,” I say, hoping he will buy it. Then he says he would make an exception for me. An exception for ME! I have a smile from ear to ear as I go to my mom’s car, and drive home.

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