Ten Seconds inTime

November 15, 2009
By oakshire24 GOLD, Greenwich, Connecticut
oakshire24 GOLD, Greenwich, Connecticut
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The leaves brushed against the cold wet ground as Mother Wind pushed them into her nest. I sat on a nearby bench, shivering in my waterlogged clothes and listening to the crunching of the leaves around me. I began to desperately inch my way toward the fire as it extended its open hand and impaled me with its deviant eyes. Finally, the harsh binding grip of the cold around me began to disperse into a thin chill.
I slowly began to attune my ears to the beautiful symphony the earth played. The fire recoiled slightly and urged me in. The moon sat in the sky and glowed with her watchful serenity, her children, protected, far behind her. The trees stayed motionless, as if holding their breath. The grass danced slowly in the radiated light. I sat, motionless.

The symphony’s original theme rapidly changed into a much faster one to which the world vividly danced, elated. The animals around me abandoned their grassy refuges and curiously watched with an everlasting face of joy. The daffodils danced as the moon beamed her brightest light. Mother Wind swished her currents through the trees vigorously in her moment of delight. The fire laughed with its hollow voice and flickered in the air. The earth itself seemed to awake from its sleep and stretch its sore body with a moan.
As I held my book, watching in amazement the symphony seemed to fade away and the miraculous energy among nature with it. I sat there, waiting, only to find that the silence was quickly subdued by the vexatious screeches of the children around me and their raucous attempts to invoke others in singing a very well known song. The moment was gone.

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