Saving Myself

November 14, 2009
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I don’t know the exact moment when it happened but that’s when my entire life changed. The day I accepted Jesus Christ as my savior, He saved me and by accepting Him, I saved myself. I look around me and everything I see I know He made. He gives me the strength to get through anything.

I have always known about God ever since I was little. Religion never meant much to me it was just sitting in church for an hour bored out of my skull. I went to a Church Camp for three summers and on the third summer I realized what it actually meant when I was told that Jesus had died for me. I saw the opportunities that were given to me by Him dying for me like me being forgiven for my sins. I knew that He had suffered so I could live and that I had never felt a love like that and I was overcome with so many feelings of happiness for what I was given and sadness for how many times I had defied His love. Everyday I learn more about my relationship with God and what he has done for me.

I’m reminded every day of all the things God has given me. When I drive to school and I see the trees around me I know that He created all of it so that I could be breath. When I hear my favorite song on the radio I know that God gave that person their gift and that it makes Him so happy to see others enjoying it because they are enjoying what He gave them even if they don’t know it. I see God in books and movies. I read my bible to better understand what God wants for me but it also helps me understand the literature I read in class. Many of the books I read relate to the bible and I understand what it means.
I find more and more proof that Jesus was human and that he was the son of God. My biggest physical proof that I found out about this year was that when Jesus was stabbed in the heart by a guard hanging Him on the cross water leaked out, it turns out that we actually have a water pouch in front of our heart, when I heard that I just laughed thinking how God made it so easy for us to realize his existence. People back then wouldn’t know they had a water pouch by their heart. God also gave the people a King from the blood line they wanted. It all started with Adam and Eve then through that line came Abraham, his family was the only one to survive the flood God created to rid the world of evil. Then came Joseph the King of Dreams his brother Judah was the great grandfather to David. David was a great king of the Jews. The people wanted a King from the line of David and they got one Jesus. The people wanted someone who had the birth right to lead and God complied so that they would accept Him as the son of God all that much easier. God made it so easy for us to see that Jesus was truly his son and everyday people discover new ways in which to prove that Jesus existed and was truly the son of God. I don’t need that proof but it never hurts to have a million reminders like all of the amazing people around me that Jesus died so that I could be free.
Many people believe that God controls them but He doesn’t. God gave everyone free will which includes the right to not believe in Him. The bible tells me that God allows me to make my mistakes but that if I ask for it God will help me get through my problems. He won’t stop me from messing up but He will help me deal with the consequences. Many people blame God when things don’t go their way but what they need to realize that God made you strong enough to endure any problems you have in life. The only person he put on this Earth for the sake of suffering was Jesus Christ, if your life is bad then all you have to do is ask for Gods help and it’s yours. When my dad died I was so mad at God for taking my dad from me. I didn’t ask for his help because I thought it was his fault but he showed me that it wasn’t. Then he helped me to get through it and he still does everyday Ill never be over my dad’s death but God helps me live with that pain everyday and not let it overshadow my happiness. God helps me get through all my problems from my dad’s death to writing this essay.
Jesus Christ suffered on the cross so that my sins could be forgiven. I have never felt more love then when I think of God. When I accepted Jesus in my life and gave myself to God I knew that he would help me get through all the hardships that life has. I know that by giving my soul to God He will show me how He wants me to use my life, until the day that I join Him in eternal life and happiness in Heaven.

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