Cell Phones

November 12, 2009
By Anonymous

Halloween of 2008 was a great time and it was scary. I was over Claire’s house and we were getting ready to go trick-or-treating. I had a pillowcase for the candy and my cell phone. I was good to go. We were out trick-or-treating and we had to cross a busy road. Claire told me that the guy who lived there didn’t like it when people were walking across his lawn so we ran. My cell phone was in my jacket pocket and it could easily fall out. I wasn’t thinking about it then I just kept running.

We were at the next house and I realize that I can’t find my cell phone. I looked everywhere, my pockets, the pillowcase, and everywhere around me. Claire told me to go trace back my steps to go see if I could find it. We went back looking. We actually did not run by the old man’s house, we walked past it. I looked all over and I still couldn’t find it.
Claire and I went back to Claire’s house so we could get her cell phone. She probably called it at least 10 times. We kept walking and walking and looking for it. I panicked. I wasn’t going to get a new phone for a while. It then came to me that cell phones are a big part of my life. I felt as though something was missing, it felt wrong not having my cell phone near me or in my hand at all times.
We went to go look by the old man’s house and there were a lot of leaves there. Claire called my phone and I started listening to see if I could hear it. It was on vibrate so it didn’t really help that much. I then saw something light up in the leaves. It went to go see if it was my cell phone and it was.
I was so happy. The fact that I found my cell phone was a miracle. I was so glad that no one ran over the phone. It was safe with me. I regained something of my life back into me.

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