Remembering the Run

November 12, 2009
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It was raining, the rain where you hear each drop hitting the ground. I remembered how the humidity felt on my face. As I opened the door of my dad's car I heard thunder. People were running across the street with their hoods on, people were trying to get inside. I guess it was a perfect day to go to the movies, I never would've thought that in twenty minutes I'd be running through the streets soaking wet, full of fear. Who would've thought tonight would be the night I learned about true consequences. Not the consequences where you went to the principal’s office for talking in class, but the consequences of possibly going to jail. Well, that's what I thought anyway. I thought I might go to jail. Now I know better, now I know I probably would've gotten a fine or a phone call home. But the fear of jail made me run faster, made me forget about the rain.
I can't even remember what the movie was called. I can only remember how I felt. I was only twelve but I still knew what I was doing was wrong. I always knew better than my friends, they were always the wild and unexpected type; I was always organized and had some sort of plan. The original plan was to see a pg-13 movie. I thought it was that simple, but I was wrong.

When I walked in I met up with my three friends and we bought tickets. Before we went into our movie we noticed another movie that was rated “R.” We all agreed to see that one. I wasn't going to be the nerdy kid who said "I don't know guys." I think even now if I go back to this time I would do the same thing. No one wants to be un-cool or un-liked, no one. We went in and found our seats. I figured “how much trouble could we get into, it’s just a rated R movie.” It's not like being under aged and buying a beer, it's just a movie, that law was stupid anyway. But it didn't matter what I thought, or how much I wanted to believe it was okay, I broke the law. The previews were about to begin and nothing happened. I began to calm down a bit. But then a janitor came in. And then following the janitor was a man in a gray suit, he looked up at us. I got worried, the kind of worried when you feel like acid is bubbling in your stomach. He walked up to us and asked "are you kids with your parents?" This seems to always happen to me, everything seems fine and in a second everything goes down hill. I never thought I'd be in this sort of situation. Getting in trouble with your parents for coming in late was one thing, but getting in trouble with the law, that's a whole other ball park. I was about to say yes but Nick beat me to it and said “No.” I would've lied, sadly I know that about myself, I could've come up with something smart, but of course I had to think everything through and stall for a moment. Nick just spontaneously blurted it out. I guess that's what happens with the truth, you don't have to think about or plan it out it's just the truth.
"Alright come with me." the man in the gray suit said lazily. When we got to the hallway all I could think about was how much trouble I was in. But then Nick started running he ran as fast as he could right out the back doors. It all happened so fast I didn't know what to do. Then my other friends followed. After hesitating for a moment I ran to. We ran through the sticky wet air getting soaked. We ran until we thought we were out of reach.
I didn't tell my parents what happened that night, but I did a few weeks later. They didn’t get that angry. I guess that’s what happens when time passes like that. People seem to care less. I know my friends cared less, but I’ll always remember. But right now all I'm worried about is if the man in the gray suit will recognize us when we come back to the movies. I think I learned a lesson that night. But I don’t think my friends did. I think they would do it again. I guess the lesson is to remember the run, and to make sure something like that doesn’t happen again.

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