The penalty of pressure

August 25, 2009
It looked so exiting, the adrenaline that Katrina said she felt as the white powder drifted through her nasal passage. I didn't want to do drugs, they were bad; a sin to the lord. If Katrina did it though, it was ok. Right? She was my best friend and she wouldn't do anything to hurt me. I shyed away as she handed me the rolled up dollar bill. Her voice was calm as she spoke 'It's nice Lila, try it. You will be cool'. I didn't want to do it, but I knew that if I didn't then nobody would want to hang with me.
I took the dollar from her and walked over to the table where a line of white powder lay, with one quick sniff it was up my nose. The burning senstion was unbearable but then a cloud of calm over took me. I had to have more; I begged. So I did. I had lines and lines of drugs. Then I began to feel so unsteady, my heart pumped so fast - too fast.
I couldn't hear properly and everything around me was changing. I wanted to run away but my feet were glued to the ground and then I fell. What seemed like hours had only been minutes.
I lay on the floor, vomit surrounded my body. Katrina was nowhere to be seen; so I was just left. Waiting until somebody found me. Dead or alive. Thats what I got, the penalty of pressure.

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