Younger siblings

November 10, 2009
By Anonymous

“Oh my god!” I yelled angrily as I walked out of my room. “You can’t make me share room with that little demon!” I told my mom. “That demon, as you call her is your sister, and you will share room with her.” Said my mom and went back on decorating our Christmas tree in the living room of our new house. It was a nightmare!
There are a lot of reasons why I didn’t want to share room with my sister. I wasn’t trying to be selfish or mean, but I knew if we shared room it was goanna be like staring WW3. The main reason was because she likes to mess with my stuff all the time. There was this one time where she was playing with my cell phone and she “accidentally” called 911. Good thing my stepdad was there by the time the police officer arrived at the door. I got in real big trouble; my mom thought I did it on purpose. I was really mad, I bet I was smoking, no kidding!
After so many trouble and drama, I decided enough was enough. I divided the room. Half for her and half for me then like that if she had a mess, it would be on her half of the room and not in mine.
That didn’t work, so that’s when I made the rules: If she crossed from her side of the room to my side she would be in big trouble, if she left her shoes on my side I would throw them out the window. It worked!
Now everything’s cool. There is some times where I want to kick her out of my room, but we work things out. Believe me sharing room with your younger siblings is a pain in your behind.

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