November 10, 2009
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It all started when my family went to Wal-Mart to buy my little brother clothes. As we got to the store everything looked normal, I graved my brother’s hand and we walked to were the video games were. My brother told me “Diego can I go see on the other side the other video games,” so I said “yes”.

“Oh sh** where’s my brother” I said to myself. Suddenly I looked over to the other side where my brother told me he was going to be at and he was gone. The I started to look around, and see if he was playing, or maybe had already gone with my mom. I called my mom on the phone, and asked her,”Hey is Adam with you?” “No I thought he was with you,” she replied. After a while I found my parents and we started to look for my little brother thru the whole Wal-Mart store. No signs of him, so we were worried my mom was about to cry. My dad went to the cashier to tell them my brother’s name and what he looked like. I started to look around where the DVD’s where but there were no signs of him. My dad still didn’t find him and my mom was worried and even shaking.

Then my sister said she heard my brother’s name on the speaker. She went to the ladies dressing room and heard a little boy crying and yelling for his mom. When she saw my brother she was happy and even started to cry. My mom called me and said they had found my brother. “Where did you go?”Said my dad, “I don’t know I lost Diego by the video game and didn’t see him there.” “Well don’t do that again,” said my mom. After that my mom stopped worrying and hugged my brother. That day I felt sad, and worried that we might have never found my brother in that bug store.

I fixed my conflict by knowing that next time I shouldn’t let go of my brother’s hand or let him go by himself to another place. Now I know that I am not good looking over little kid’s because they get lost. It has changed me by taking better care of my brother. I think better now by following or just sayin no to little kids.

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