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November 10, 2009
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Basketball. I love playing basketball. I cannot go a year without playing basketball. Everyday at practice I work so hard because when our district games come up I can start.Basketball helps me work hard in class and I try to keep my grades up so I can play the whole season.

Last year on the first day of basketball tryouts I did good, and the next day the coachs looked at everybody’s grades to see who was all passing. I was felling two classes so they told me to pick up my grades. The whole week I went to tutoring for almost all my classes and I was asking them for make-up work.

When it was time to play our first game I was focused. I had got my grade sheets signed and showed them to the coach, and he gave me my jersey. We was looking over our plays and seeing who was in the Starting 5. I was in the Starting 5! Also Jr. who was playing point guard, Kaylen who was our center, Mark our forward, and Melo was our other shooting guard. I was so happy, so I was the first player on the court warming up. I could hear basketballs bouncing everywhere in the gym. The center of the court was orange, and the floor was wooden.

We were on the court lined up for the Jump Ball. Dobie had got the ball first so we ran back to get on defense. We started off in a 2-3 Zone because they really didn’t have anybody who could shoot. Coach said, “That’s the shot we want them to shoot.”

That’s the first thing they did was shoot a 3-pointer and they missed it so we got the rebound. Jr. our point guard took the ball up and I was on the side as a shooting guard. I set a pick for Jr. and then I cut to the hole, Jr. dished it to me and I scored. That was our play it’s called, “5 out.”

Dobie’s point guard was bringing the ball up and coach said, “pressure the point guard.” So I came to the top of the key and put pressure on him and our other shooting guard, Melo came to trap him with me. Dobie’s point guard stopped dribbling and tried to throw the ball to his teammate, but Jr. picked the ball off and dribbled down court and scored the lay up.

We beat Dobie by like 20 points. When we got back to the school I got dressed and coach said, “good game guys the people who started tonight is the new Starting 5.” Everybody cheered! Kaylen and Mark was our only 6 foot players and Jr. and I was almost the shortest players on the team. After, the game I knew we had a chance to go District Champs.

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