November 10, 2009
By Anonymous

It all started freshman year. When my parents divorced. It got more messy when I thought. “I had a best friend when it turned around and she stop being my friend” because I had move to with my dad.
My mom had kicked me out and I had to go live with my dad. As I started living with my dad things were different. The house smell like if the house hadn’t been clean in years. The floor felt nasty and cold. I f you’d walk bare footed it will feel like dirt is on your feet, so you would have to wear shoes. The house was really cluter and hardly room to walk in the hallway. The house was middle size and it had 3- bedrooms. It was three different people living there my dad, my step-sister, my step-mom, and me.
As I sat in my room that was big and super clean. I felt alone and missed the ways things were with my mom. I felt like I needed to talk to somebody, so I decided to call my best friend. I decided to let her know what was going on with me. I thought she would help me get through this problem but it was all a disappointed, yelling. She told me “That I was stupid for the choice I made and she wasn’t going to talk to me until I move back with my mom.” I told her,“ That my had kicked me out and I had no other choice but to move with my dad.”
After, all this situation I felt stressed, alone, and disappointed. We stop talking for awhile and then one day I decide to move back with my mom. I needed help to move back and I called her. I had asked her, “If she could help me move back.” She told me “Yeah, and she was happy and I told you it was the best thing to do because your mom loves you and would do anything for you.”
After, all this life was wonderful and things stared to fall into place. This experience taught me that “Friendships are not always perfected and your always going to go through rough times with your friend, but the conflict can always be resolve. Now, I realized that it takes real good friend to stick around, and go through the situation with you. I can tell them anything and they won’t judge me. I rely on them when I have another problem and they will help me get though it.

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on Nov. 27 2009 at 5:49 am
Finding a friend worthy of your trust and love very difficult. I had so many incidents of so-called friends ditching me for the wrong reasons. Then i found my best friend who has been the most trustworthy and helpful friend ever.

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