November 6, 2009
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Well hi my name is alesia and on today I will be talking to you about how love hurts. When i first felt in love it was in 2008. I was 14 years old. My boyfriend name was darrell we was the most happiest couple . He told be i love you and everything. Until he got out of middle skool. When darrell started going to high school he change He started messing with other girls and stuff. One day before i knew all this was going on. It was my friend,darrell,and me on the [phone. We was all laughing on the phone and stuff till i got and phone call. I told darrell and my friend Arielle who was on the pone to hold up cause somebody was calling my other line .I answer i other line and a girl name jasmine came on the phone and was like "i heard you talk to my boyfriend" and then i said "who is your boyfriend" then she explain "DARRELL is her boyfriend. Itold her o had to kall her back cause i was really mad bout what was going on. i got back on the other line and i told darrell your girlfriend just call me telling me i wasn't the only one. Of course he tried to play strupid and say that she was lying so you know what i did i call her on three way and she told him what she told me and all you know he hung up the phone. Butt look i don't get this if he didn't do nothing wrong why get mad bout it. After i got my heart broken I started messing with other boys cause I was scared it was going to happen again. Thats why i say love huts

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