Child Surpport

November 6, 2009
I honestly believe that there are two forms of “child support”. The first and most important type is the motherly kind. This is given to a child by nurturing, protecting, teaching, and loving like a mother. As a mother it is her responsibility for providing and giving her child a proper upbringing. I know that there is no such thing as a perfect mother, but as long as the mother tries to do all that she can for her child nothing else should matter. Teaching her child right from wrong, loving, and caring for her child is part of her job title. The second form of child support is money sent to the parent in custody of the child by the other parent. The money is for the child and things he/she needs. These things include clothes, school supplies, food and etc. It’s to make sure the child is cared for financially.

For twelve years my step-dad, mom, and myself have tolerated a woman who failed to do either for her child. She didn’t care for him like she should have, and instead she neglected him. For twelve years my parents paid the child support without missing a payment. And for twelve years it was misused

I honestly HATE this woman! She is the most selfish, rudest, and MONEY-HUNGRY person I’ve ever meet in all my life. Hate may be a strong word but absolutely suitable when used towards a mother like that. I swear that “ Woman” ought to have the title of mother stripped away from her and replaced with “ SELFISH WITCH”. It is mothers like her that make my stomach churn with anger, bile, and disgust. It’s sickening when I think of how she treated my little step-brother Parker.

Everyday Parker came home to the same routine and empty house from school. While waiting on his mother to come home from work and picking up his two year old sister Madison from daycare, he would fix himself dinner. Dinner usually consisted of microwaveable Mac & Cheese, or anything else he could find. Then he would tend to what homework he had, take a shower, and ready himself for bed. After all, his mother wouldn’t be coming home to stay. She was only going to drop his sister off for him to feed, bath and get ready for bed. She had better things to do than tend to her children in her mind. Every night it was a ritual to have drinks with her friends at the bar. Friday and Saturday nights were worse, she would leave him and his sister home alone up until three in the morning return home drunk off her behind. Now what if there had been a robbery or a house fire? Maybe then she would realize that she should have been at home taking care of her in the first place. HA! Not this particular mother I speak of.

Ironically, she is an elementary school teacher, but yet she was never home to help or check Parker’s homework. She always asked for money for Parker’s school supplies and school clothes. Hmmmm….. now if I’m not mistaken I’m pretty sure that’s why she got that $300 check for, but nevertheless, my parents sent the money for that as well. They were also told that they would pay for the $3,000 braces, despite the fact the she is the sole person responsible for him needing them.

She neglected him in so many ways and the whole time she was aware of it. I hate her for everything she failed to do for him. Parker’s mother didn’t teach him right from wrong. She cussed right in front of him and in turn he cussed because he didn’t know any better. She set a bad example for him. She never taught him how to love or be loved. Hell she never even showed him any affection, furthermore, she never even read him a simple bed time story. But what is worst of all is how she lied to him for the whole twelve years of his life. One day, Parker asked why his Father left in the first place. She told him because he didn’t want anything to do with him or her. That is absolute bullcrap! The truth is that he walked in on his wife cheating on him with his boss.

This summer when Parker came to visit us, he asked his dad the very same question. The truth broke his heart. He couldn’t believe that his very own mother would lead him to believe that his dad didn’t want or love him. I couldn’t either. While he was out here though he was exposed to things unknown to him. Things that seem small and normal to most children his own age. Things like eating a home-cooked meal while watching a movie. Being tucked in at night and hearing the words, “ sleep tight, don’t let the bed bugs bite!”. When summer was over he didn’t want to go back home, he wanted to stay, and he said he would be coming back to live with us for good. And when he went home, he told his mother exactly that. It was a nasty little fight, and its not over yet. She said that this was only going to be a “ trial period” and that he wasn’t serious about living with us, so therefore she had the nerves to tell my parent’s that they would continue paying child support! Can you Believe that?! MY PARENTS DO NOT WORK THEIR BUTT’S OFF FOR HER!! How does she expect for them to take care of him properly if they send the money to her? As a mother that should be a concern of hers. However, the court says that it will take at least three to six months to get a child support reversal.

Parker moved in with us two months ago and he has been happier ever since. The only thing he misses is his sister Madison. He knows that she will more than likely go through all that he did, and he hates that. I hate that. I remember the night he arrived. My Mom and I waited up for my step-dad and him to arrive. Finally, we heard the garage door opening, and we both went to the door to greet them. It was late and Parker was tired, but he had the most excited look on his face. He came and gave my mom and I hugs and told us how glad he was to finally be home.

I was glad to have him home too. However, when I noticed he only had one suitcase, I became a little puzzled. I know that if I were moving somewhere else I would bring all my stuff. “ Umm Parker where is the rest of your stuff?”, I asked him. He looked at me and said, “ This is all I have”. I was angry. He only had a few clothes that would last two or three weeks. One pair of shoes that he had outgrown a year ago. He had no hairbrush, toothbrush, and no underwear. That night we made a special trip to wal-mart for all the stuff he needed. An hour later we returned home, all of us were exhausted. I put on my Pj’s, brushed my teeth, and told everyone goodnight.

As I laid in bed, ready to drift off to sleep I could hear voices outside my bedroom door. “Parker, don’t forget to floss your teeth when you brush them”, that voice belonged to my mother.“ Floss, what is that?”, and that voice belonged to Parker. Even though the door was closed I could practically picture the genuine confusion on his face. Hearing his response only saddened me. I rolled over, as the tears began to collect on my pillow. I knew then that my mom would have to show him how to floss for the first time that night . I knew that my family and I would do our best to close the open wounds his mother left on him. I knew then that I would be the best sister I possibly could be from that moment. My mother always told me that a child is a product of their environment. I never knew just how much truth were in her words until it was proven to me. I went to bed that night wishing that others could realize that same truth.

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