robert the saint of the world

November 4, 2009
the judge is calling for robert he is writing his notes of cases that he worked on he is listening to the judge he is writing the outline to the cases that he is working on then he ask the judge for a note of the cases that he is working on. robert is being call on from the court of oklahoma to save a trouble soul from the mistake robert is listening to the yelling of the judge as robert listens to the judge's upset look on her face he is writing the cases on his notebook. robert looks at the pictures of his sister as a little baby he looks at the picture he hears cring from his sister he knows that it is his sister then robert sees his little sister cring because she was heartbroken so robert knows that she is heartbroken as robert is hugging his sister then robert gets on his knees and he said my little sister is all grown up as robert hugs his sister he feels the tears on his suit so he feels the tears of a trouble soul that is lost. robert knows the learning of his parnets are happy of their son and his sister is happy of her brother.

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