ParTay: Friend Gatherings

With every opportunity I had over the Fall Break my friends were at my house scraping up fun to explore. Now, I wouldn’t say my parents opposed to this overtaking of our living room, but they were more or less improperly informed. If I would have asked formally then the immediate answer was surly no. And it’s not like I lied because they always asked what I did and my reply was have extreme fun. Either way I had a blast.

The minute they were off to a church function or making a trip to the groceries, that was my chance to call up my friends and say, “ Go ahead, bring them in!” After the word got out about the friend gatherings it got more and more ridiculous. People were bringing game systems, food, movies, and people I didn’t even know. It was all right though; I still managed to clean up in time.

By Sunday, the day before we were back at school, any one would have called our last friend gathering a full-fledged party. My parents were at their weekly church bible-study group, and were planning to be gone from 2pm- 9pm. That left all of my friends, plus new acquaintances I met over the past week, and I 7 hours of sheer fun. There were about 18 people floating about the apartment. Music was blaring, someone brought tons of pizza, and there were careless teenagers rocking out to Rock Band. I’m not going to lie; some people had the typical “red-party-cup” in hand. Now, what was is the cups will always be a mystery.

It was a successful final friend gathering that had no complications. Maybe my neighbors were slightly suspicious, but all in all they just kept this whole imagination to them selves. We were all able to create an atmosphere that brought a lot of people a good Fall Break. I just can’t wait till Christmas Break. My parents plan to leave town for 4 days, and I’m thinking a friend gathering sleepover sounds really nice.

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