Stupid Choices Can Lead to Postive Outcomes

November 3, 2009
By brdcgirl26 BRONZE, New City, New York
brdcgirl26 BRONZE, New City, New York
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If I could pick one person in the world to live with for the rest of my life, it would be my cousin. We have been through so much together and I know that I can’t live without her near me. Her presence, her voice, her laugh; everything about her I love. Jen and I have been like two peas in a pod since we were 4 months old. We always get along and she is such a great person.

We would always have talks about how smoking and drinking is wrong and how we swore we would never do it. Jen and I made these vows when we were ten and kept saying them until now, age 14. I know when you make a vow at the age of ten, it most likely means nothing. I just realized that. I guess, it doesn’t matter what your beliefs are, you still might do something stupid anyways because you cave under peer pressure. Not Jen. Jen wasn’t like that, or so I thought. She was such a good girl, and still is, even though she made a mistake. Who would have known what a mistake could do to three people. Two people who did the mistake, and one person who found it out the hard way.

Halloween night of last year, Jen was with friends who ended up in the hospital for drinking too much alcohol. No one would have guessed that a year later, Jen would end up in the hospital for the same thing.

Jen has a friend named Sammy. I know Sammy and I really liked her. I thought she was good for Jen. Boy did I think wrong. Halloween night Jen and Sammy decided to drink. They were at Sammy’s house and Sammy managed to snag some vodka. Jen and Sammy drank away and decided to take a walk, drunk.

Jen and Sammy are very lucky. As they were walking drunk so many things could have happened to them. They could have been kidnapped, raped, or hit by a car. Fortunately none of these things happened. On their walk, they decided to meet up with some friends. Before they met up with some friends, Sammy had a seizure.

Sammy was unconscious on the ground while my cousin stood there trying to wake her up. Finally their friends came and called the police and Sammy and Jen’s parents. Both of them were rushed to the hospital. The paramedics didn’t know if there was a drug in the vodka that caused Sammy to have a seizure.

At the hospital, they were stuck with IVs in their arms, bed pans under them, and very angry parents. Their alcohol level was taken. Jen’s level was double the legal limit. Jen was released from the hospital that night and Sammy was kept until the following Tuesday.

I found out about this over face book. I signed on looked at Jen’s profile and saw “what happened” “think before you do something stupid”. I had no clue what went on. It took me 3 hours to get in contact with family members to find out that my Halloween night was better than Jens.

In the end, both girls learned their lessons. I was very upset with Jen, but I forgave her because, hey, everyone makes mistakes. Jen’s mistake almost caused her to get kicked off varsity cheerleading and possibly might have killed her.
This whole experience made me realize how much I love my cousin and that I would never want to lose her or see her do stupid things. Maybe a stupid choice does have positive outcomes.

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