The Recess Diary

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It was 10:20 am on a Tuesday morning, and as we were lining up to go outside I was doing what I’ve always been best at. Daydreaming. I let my heart run free and giggled as my mind tried to keep up. Running about the playground with my classmates, letting my imagination sprint as fast as it could and go places that no kindergartener had ever gone before. It was still early on in the school year so my buddies and I had yet to explore most of our one-block wide world. Usually, Katrina would be the leader on our expeditions, but that Tuesday was different. Ryan, the hero of my kindergarten dreams, was leading the way; and he had asked me to be his faithful sidekick. As we battled off zombies and leaped over lava pits, his hand somehow slipped into mine.

Our adventure was coming to its peak, and our hands still intertwined. Ryan and I were finally about to discover the location of the lost seashell bracelet! But suddenly, he stopped mid-step with an anxious look on his face and a glimmer in his eyes that I’d never seen before. Concern and curiosity was taking over, so I asked him if he was alright; but all he could do was stare at me.

“Will you marry me?” were the words he chose to say next. Thrilled at the thought of marrying my hero, I, of course, answered yes. Shortly after, we discovered the whereabouts and retrieved the seashell bracelet; but Ryan jerked to a stop again. Then he gently slid the prized bracelet onto my wrist and innocently smiled at me. The noise from our audience of explorers seemed to disappear and the hero from my dreams became reality as he softly said, “I promise to always love you.”

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