A Valuable Lesson Learned...

November 2, 2009
By maryann BRONZE, Shingletown, California
maryann BRONZE, Shingletown, California
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You know that annoying feeling when your bangs get to the point where they fall in front of one of your eyes and you can’t see through it most of the time? Well that’s how I felt and it was bothering me so I decided to do something about it. It was last summer and I thought I’d have my sister Tina who’s very talented cut it. So I thought I’d have no problem getting this done, but the only obstacle was that she had to prepare for college and get all her scholarships and stuff ready.

So one night after dinner, I asked her if she would just trim my bangs and maybe the rest of my hair. I didn’t expect her to say yes but I got a “maybe” and doubtfully, I waited around for awhile. When she seemed to be free, I asked her again and she said no this time. No matter what, my hair was getting cut that night whether I did it or my sister did and she wouldn’t so now it was up to me. I found the best scissors I could and went to the bathroom.

I combed my bangs in front of my face and began to cut them little by little. They would be uneven so I’d cut them a little more. I looked into the sink and saw a bunch of hair so I stopped. I looked up into the mirror and gasped. “Oh my goodness!” I said out loud. They were so short, I couldn’t believe it. I hated them so much that everyday after that I had them pulled back until they grew back. So that night I learned a valuable lesson: don’t cut your own hair without someone else to help me. Wow… I’d never do that again.

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it is about me cutting my hair.

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