Best of Both Worlds

November 2, 2009
By Anonymous

For seventeen years, I have been known to be a good girl, just as simple and elegant as a single daisy. Now that I am almost seventeen, I am ready for a change. I want to grow up and be looked at not as a single daisy anymore, but as a bouquet of blooming assorted flowers. I don’t wish to become a whole different person; I just wish to add a little more color to my life. I yearn to break free from the leash holding me back and explore what’s out there waiting for me.

Like I said earlier, I have always been known to be a good girl. I never do anything out of the ordinary as expected by my parents. Most days of the week, I would stay at home, sit on the couch and watch television, sit in front of books and do homework, or go online on messenger and myspace. I never really cared for more. To other people, that would definitely be boring, but if you grew up to that like me, you’ll be used to it and eventually, you’ll learn to call it fun. There are times, I do get the opportunity to have “fun” with my friends, but I would turn them down because I’d rather spend time with my parents the way I always have. Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy being with my parents, but I think it’s about time they learn to let go and let me be.

I want to be able to “live” my teenage years before it passes, and by that I don’t mean partying hardcore. I would be satisfied with late night dinners with friends at King’s, watching movies past 6 o’clock, or just plain hangouts anywhere without my parents at my back all the time. I want to be independent. I want to breakaway from my routine-based life and just have time for myself. I am already halfway my promotion from the backseat passenger to the driver of my own life, so I might as well practice driving now.

Time goes by and things change, people change, I change. I want people to look at me and realize that there’s more to me than what they see. There’s more to me than being a nerd or a church-goer. There is the me that also exists that wants to shoot out of a cannon and explode.

I believe the world is meant to be experienced with all five senses. So far, I have only fully experienced the world I grew up in, yet there is another for me to explore. I just simply want the best of both worlds.

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