When Teenage Drama Became Too Personal

November 2, 2009
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In a typical high school life, we all go through teenage drama one way or the other. Whether its origin derives from conflict within a relationship or friendship, we all realize that its difficult to heal the emotional scars that were made in that painful process. Personally, I have always scorned at such occurrences due to my ignorance toward such childish nature only because I haven't felt it full force. However, I still remain empathetic to those unlucky ones who go through it practically everyday of their miserable lives. Do we ever get the chance to face the challenge posed by our complex psyche of human conscience? Indeed, I have, through a powerful “model” experience “starring” Dear and Love. It was because of them that I have come to learn not to disregard such immature yet serious, social disorder.

Let us recall the happy times that were not of or void of negative emotion. Both were to be considered a typical teenage couple engaging in mild debaucheries. Due to a longer acquaintance, I can tell more of Love's next move. She is impatient and demanding yet compassionate and innocent. What she is most known for, however, is for her mood swings. As for Dear, he emanated a carefree personality that lit the faces of his friends with a smile. In addition, he never missed the opportunity to kindly assist in any struggle physically, not academically. With these two going out together since freshman year, who would ever dare think that they would break up this year? I didn't; therefore, I only expected cute, “lovey dovey” news about them. Drama was not a viable option. I became closer to her as I tutored her more and more; she really had no limit to whatever she desired to accomplish with my guidance as well as her never ending concern for improving myself. This was Love as I saw her. For him, he enjoyed “harassing” me as his way of greeting me and I, as usual, responded with hostility, but secretly enjoyed it. His unlimited capacity of spare time towards the contentment of others sparked an interest in me for him. This was Dear as I saw him. How is it that you think you know someone entirely and then change the way you “saw” them before later? Well, one obvious and sure way is to be a keen observer of their “drama” taking place.

A theory happened to flash before my thoughts and attempted to hypothesize their forbidden destiny: to be together again. At the end of this fated night, however, that was not bound to come true. They have already broken up at this point but still remained attached friends nonetheless. The heart of
their altercation was astonishing: the way they treat each other harshly as Dear goes out with another girl with Love's acceptance of their relationship. Dear was drove insane by Love's constant nagging; thus, it was brought to his car in the garage parking lot at the mall. As I sat in the backseat, all I can do was quake with confusion. They grew with such angry incandescence that I was being blinded ever so gracefully in the idea that I was strangely being amused. “Why are you treating me like this? What did I do?,” she said. Dear responses, “Give me back my keys.” “You're not answering me,” she replies. “Because you're doing this to me,” he answers. “What did I do?!” “It's because of you! You won't stop! I've said this a billion times!” Afterwards, it became more violent: Dear grabbed her coach bag, dumped everything onto the car floor, and placed it on the ground outside the car as a final resort to retrieve his car keys. Love refused to give in thinking he wouldn't go any further, but she was wrong. He mangled it until it was beyond repair. “So, you're going to listen now?” “How could you? Why are you..?,” she sobs incomprehensibly. “I already put it on the ground but you did nothing. So are you going to give my keys now?,” he answers ruthlessly. “Help me first. I need to find everything first.” “There, get all your trash.” She then lashes out, “I hate you! I hate you! I hate you!,” as she hits him on the back. Although I should've intervened, I felt too paralyzed physically and mentally to do anything at all. Soon, he had no other choice but to inflict pain on himself to torture her; so, Dear began punching his face, and Love quickly followed by frantically apologizing. She ended up giving it back and wanted to embrace him but was met with rejection. “Thank you! You inspire me now!,” he sarcastically exclaims. She cries, “I'm sorry! I'm so sorry!” “You sit down! Don't touch my face!” “I never meant to hurt you! I never wanted any of this to happen!” He lashes out, “You wanted to see me crying now, right? I'm crying now!” She repeated her futile attempts but to no avail. “I don't care if I go to jail...! I will do anything for you stop!,” he loudly screams. Acting suicidal, she starts climbing out the window while the car was going approximately 70 MPH, but Dear grabbed her coat to pull her back down inside as I counseled her with my reassurance of remaining alive.

What may have appeared to be the usual drama for them seemed to me like a life-threatening, almost traumatic experience. Why is this so? Its because I have known them for so long to have never expected this type of perilous and shocking behavior from them, and I just saw it with my naked eyes. More than likely, it may take time for me to transition to a new perspective for I cannot see them same
ever again. Whether it is positive or negative, one thing will remain the same: the friendship that I have developed with both Dear and Love. Obviously, I think Love remained mostly the same. She was still impatient and demanding in terms of getting a sufficient answer from Dear of why she's being treated “badly”. In the end, she transitioned to a compassionate personality, and this shift marked a perfect example of her mood swings. At first, she was impatiently intolerant of his answers. Then, she became despicably hateful of him. Finally, she tries to be apologetic and sympathetic but to no avail. However, I know now that Love is not innocent anymore for she is equally guilty as Dear is for this dispute. For Dear, I cannot help but disbelieve what he did, but unfortunately, I cannot. I knew that his care-free nature was now of anxiety and uncertainty. He ceased greeting me at school. It was as if he lost his cheerful radiance and hidden it from the world. Although I do not see him as much, I deduced that he acts the same in the presence of his peers, but when with Love or me, for example, he becomes a grave kill-joy that I hate yet I still I care for him. Love remains still; Dear metamorphosed amply. How more sad could this be?

“A vile clash has arisen from Oblivion. And I was given the chance to witness it.” I don't want to think of this as an amusement for my own enjoyment; that would be unethical and treacherous. Rather, this experience forced me to open my eyes to the harsh realities of teenage drama. This could not have been possible with the powerful example unexpectedly conducted by Dear and Love. Being able to see such irony in their pitiful yet touching struggle to resolve their differences is the beauty in this realization. Now, I won't scoff as severely as I did in the past about this childish nature; a snob I'll try to be no more. Instead, I will be a source of guidance and a reliable listener. Not only did I change in the process, but I
also managed to view psychological complexity at its fittest. Us as teenagers, this is impossibly possible.

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