The 20 Ways I Love Him.

November 1, 2009
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My crush. That is one sentince explaines many things. 2 words mean alot such as "I Do" or "Love You". But these words. Wow, these words explaine so much more. Love, happiness, Beautiful things that I though would never happen. He might not be the hottest topic because He is cute or whatever but to me hes the greatist topic I could ever even think about. He might not wear the nicest clothes or be all fancy but to me hes the neatest, coolest, hottest thing ever put here on this Earth.

But right when I see him I am in the clouds soaring around but I am actually hidding behind my friends, staring into his eyes. He knows Im here, Im not waisting my time to spend every second of every minute of every hour in a day thinking. Thinking about how just one person could bring me so far away from home and work and preasure, with out even knowing.

He has no fears or butterflies in his stomach because he is limitless to do what ever he wants. To be himself. Thats what I love about him. He is everything.

Love, Happieness, Hot, Cute, Cool, Awesome, Lovable, Fearless, Sweet, Out Of This World, Thinkable, Great, Care, Believe, Our Story, Warm, Found, Nice, Wow, Special, The 20 ways I love him <3.

You take your time yet go so fast to still get all questions right but pretend to work to look at me. In class our eyes have met. I hope that means you care for what I'm doing too. You write your story, telling no one who its about, to secretly tell me how you really feel. When you feel the way we do you can think, talk, and feel diffrent things that you only see in him.

When I hear his voice, my heart skips a beat. When I see his face, I take a mental picture. When I see his outfit, I can only think 'You get cuter everyday.' When I talk to him, I dont try to be cool, neither does he because we both know that theres something special. Real Special.

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