A Day I Wish Never Happened

November 1, 2009
By Anonymous

Speeding car zipped down the road like a speeding bullet but instead of stopping they killed my friend and my sister’s best friend Chelsea, but why did it have to be her. She didn’t do anything wrong but be nice and have fun being a teenager. She was only 15. She wasn’t supposed to die until she was suppose to. Just think that if you were 15 and you were hit by a car. What kind of impact would it have on your parents, your friends, and everyone else that knew you? I have a question for you what would you do if your child was killed? Because somebody hit her with their car. He didn’t even bother to check what he hit because he is too much of a coward. Then he has the courage to come back to the spot where he hit her and not even notice because he is a coward and because he doesn’t care about anyone but himself. Now every day I have to go through never seeing her or being able to talk to her which stinks because she was such a nice person once you got to know her. Let me explain everything by me telling you a story. The three things I will talk about are how the death affected me, how I got through the death, and why I can’t get over the death and will I ever get over the death.

It affected me so much because I knew her very well and when she died it hit me and my sister so hard we had so much trouble. A couple ways it affected me is in school. I was affected in school because in every period I could not stop crying because she was always on my mind. Everywhere I looked I saw her and only her. Everyone could tell that I couldn’t concentrate on anything else and they didn’t understand why because they haven’t gone through what I went through. There was only one person that went through what I went through at the time and that person was Casey. She has been through everything I have been in. I took the biggest impact on me because I member that at first I didn’t know her and when I got to know her we became good friends. Then, when I heard that she was killed I was in denial because she was fine the night before because my sister and I talked to her the night before and she was still alive. Then, when everybody was texting everyone about it, it really came alive to me and I cried all the time but I didn’t want anyone to see me because nobody knew that I knew her. That is why the death affected me so much I hope that you put yourself in my shoes because if this has happened to you, you understand why this affected me so much.

I got through the death with friend support, family support, and everyone who understood what I went through. The ways I got through it was by facing my fears and I kept telling myself that she is in a better place now and if she would have lived she would have been in a lot of pain. My friends were there to help me get through it and I am so grateful that they helped me even if they didn’t understand what I went through. Another way I got through it was my family was there when I needed comfort and supported me when I needed them to. Everyone helped me through it by when I was crying they tried to cheer me up and they tried to help me not think about her. The one person that helped me when I needed it was Casey. She took me everywhere, for example she helped me get through it because I had five articles explaining everything that happened to me and she took them from me to help me try and get over it. She also helped me by taking me to guidance when I didn’t even want to but she made me and I so thankful that she did that because she knew exactly what I was going through so she tried to help me so much that I will never forget everything she did to try and get me to come out of denial about my friends death. I am so appreciative that everyone put in effort to try and get me to get over it but in my heart I will never get over it even if I try.

I definitely cannot get over it because Chelsea and I were so close when we got to know each other that we were like sisters to each other. We did like everything together we were inseparable. Where ever we went we went together. I don’t know if I will ever be able to forget the death because we were so close and we hung out most of the time. I just know that even though she’s in a better place I still want her back on Earth and not in heaven.

The end. I know there should be more but its way too hard for me to tell everything that happened. All I have to say is that I wish that it had not of happened to her because she was so genuine in her own way, and her way of being genuine is very good. I hope you understood everything that I went through when I found out that she really died.

The author's comments:
Something that inspired me to write this is that when my friend Chelsea died I couldn't get my anger out but writitng my feelings on paper made it sort of easier to get over her but not completly.

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