Defeating the Impossible

October 30, 2009
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Just another day at school. Long classes dragging on and on. No wait, I have a savior. Dodgeball. As I reach the black top I see that a game is just comencing with Ian and Dayton. I can count on bruises with those two. When I arrive I join the girls team, and look at our slowly growing army and decide we can destroy them, no problem. We start throwing and out of no where another ball is in play. Us older children like to just play with one ball so we kick the other ball to the other side of the fence. Now we are ready for a show down. Ian gets the ball and throws it directly at me and to his surprise I was waiting and ready. He runs backwards getting ready for the catch. We have just started a war between us two, no one eles is visable, just Ian and me. We throw back and forth, back and forth until finally I've had enough and throw for the kill. It's lower than Ian expects and it bounces off his foot. He scarmbles for the ball but it's too late. It hits the ground and he's out. I smile at my so long awaited victory as he strides down off the feild. Now I have a new challenge. Dayton.

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