Fire Fall Down

October 30, 2009
A miracle is something precious. A miracle is more than just a word, more than just an action. My life has breathed it, when it was barely hanging on by a string of yarn. I had a stomach virus. For nights I would cry, and not be able to sleep, for the pain was to much to endure. On the ninth day, no longer could I fight the virus, I was rushed to the hospital immediately. It was said that if I would had waited 30 minutes more I would be guaranteed my life would have been taken away. This situation had proved the man in the white coat had a degree, one that would still give me no hope. Even my tears cried and yelled for help. The sound of the beeping was signaling the end of Life. My life. A miracle had happened, as if an army of salvation brought a spirit inside me. This spirit was a second chance. Life had once again came into my veins. As I opened my eyes, I saw a light. A light representing a future, a second chance. A miracle, is why I live.

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