My recount called The day I was attacked by my not so cool hairbrush!

October 26, 2009
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It was the September holidays, and I had just had my hair cut. That would be the day, though I didn’t realise then, that would change my opinion on my purple Lady Jane curling brush....FOREVER!
As I was saying I had just had my hair cut and after my hairdresser Brook had cut my hair she used a curling brush, you know those brushes with the bristles all around them, to wave my hair. So standing in front of the small mirror on out bathroom wall I started to wind my brown hair around and around the shiny new hairbrush mum had bought me, at the time I thought it was pretty awesome that was until something horrible happened...with two hands I slowly started to unroll the brush from my dry hair, but unlike when Brook had done it, it wouldn’t budge! I pulled it and it hurt like nothing you’ve ever experienced, unless, that is, you like me have had a hair brush stuck in your hair! I let go of the brush and looking in the mirror all I saw was a horrified face oh and a hair brush hanging from the right side of my head! I tugged and tugged at it with everything I had but it just wouldn’t come out! I remember having that sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach; it’s hard to explain that feeling maybe it’s a feeling of despair, guilt or even embarrassment? I know you get it at times like when you arrive at school to find that you haven’t studied for that huge maths test you got in first period or when you break one of your nanna’s favourite garden gnomes and you have no idea how to tell her, in the end you kick all the broken pieces into the bush, and then you live with the guilt! I walked out of the bath room and down the mini hallway into the kitchen/dining room, I just looked at mum and mimed that I couldn’t get the hair brush out of my hair, I just grabbed the brush and made faces and then shook my head, I couldn’t say anything I knew that if dad knew he’d be mad! Mum laughed. I nervously smiled, and together we went into the bathroom where mum, me sitting on the lip of the bath, pulled and tugged and twisted he hair brush and that is when...mum told me what no daughter wants to here –
“Oh Mai, look what you’ve done!”
“Don’t say that!” I said stubbornly “Just get it out!” I sobbed.
I didn’t care how she got it out; I just didn’t want to arrive at school the next day with my not so cool anymore hair brush attached to my head! Maybe, I’d have to grow an afro, people with afro’s have brush’s in their hair don’t they? Oh. No, they use Afro Combs! I was told to pass her the conditioner, I looked at half scared half curious.
Ewe! I thought. Yuck. I now had cold, wet, slimy conditioner in my hair! My hair that I had just finished blow-drying - which took me about fifteen minutes! Gross, revolting,, disgusting , horrible, YUCK! Now not only did I have a hair brush permanently attached to my head but I had conditioner in my hair! OUCH! Mum pulled and pulled and pulled until we finally with help of a bottle of conditioner got about eight strands of my hair out! I didn’t believe it then, Mum said something like “Oh finally” I thought it was out, but I could still feel the sharp pain from my head and the hair brush still in my hair! Dad had called out what all the fuss was about and we had said something like, Maighan has had some trouble with brushing her hair, and then we closed the bathroom door!
About thirty minutes went by that morning and I missed half an hour of my favourite music program Rage but after all the pain I went through it eventually came out, what also came out were quite a few swear words and ridiculous suggestions including “Just get some scissors and cut it off” from my mouth!
So now that purple Lady Jane hair brush sits on the second shelf of our bathroom cupboard away from all the other hair brushes, and is only used as a spare brush for school and while at school I make sure I don’t curl my hair! Now my advice for anyone with a curling brush is never ever, ever, ever use them for what you buy them for!! Or was it just me who will ever be stupid enough to get a hair brush stuck their my hair? I guess I’ll never know...

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Nicovera said...
Jan. 5, 2010 at 5:37 am
I feel your pain, sister! I used to get these awful tangles in my hair when i was a little kid, took forever to get out! (which is why I cut my hair short)
Maigz.xx replied...
Jan. 11, 2010 at 12:40 am
Haahahahha yer it was pain ful :)
muziclver91393 said...
Nov. 13, 2009 at 5:10 pm
why would your dad be mad if you got your hair all tangled up?
Maigz.xx replied...
Nov. 17, 2009 at 12:35 am
Hahaha. I know right, well you see he was in one of his "moods", he gets like that lol. He just would he wouldnt understand ;)
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