My Messed Up Dream

September 25, 2009
By Tanya Nikki BRONZE, Lumby, District Of Columbia
Tanya Nikki BRONZE, Lumby, District Of Columbia
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I decided that it was time for bed, i put my pajamas on and brushed my teeth :) i fell asleep and starting dreaming about something you can not imagine in your wildest dreams. First, my blonde hair had turned an awful pukely green colour it was terrifying. Then i took a ride on my pink flying rhino wich was a gift from my boyfriend santa clause. We were flying high to Antartica to go weasel hunting while suddenly someithng hit me, but it was just my pet platapuss pelly. Then i got hit again this time it was a vacuum cleaner and it sucked off my beautiful face :( I cried but no tears came but instead of tears came out skittles came out it was intensely delicious. Then finally we arrived at Antartica, but instead of finding weasels we found penguins :) they were so black and white. So i decided not to hunt them but to share my french fries with them. I do think they quite enjoyed them, they took me to their favorite swimming hole full of snapping turtles, and we went for a dip. One of them bit my baby toe off it was tragic. I loved my baby toe it was so babily. The last part of my dream is when we all hoped onto my flying rhino and flew all the way to polar bear city. There were many polar bears there and then they ate all of us including the french fry named harry, because he was rather harry. Then i woke up screaming Harry's name, then i reliezed that rhino's don't fly and i never had such a crazy dream since!

The author's comments:
once i seen a rhino, and then i what would happen if it could fly..... and then i had my CRRAAZZZZAAAY dream

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