My Hero

October 28, 2009
By Ashus BRONZE, Port Saint Lucie, Florida
Ashus BRONZE, Port Saint Lucie, Florida
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The only person that I look up to is my grandfather or as i call him "papa"

He has been in my life since day one and when I say day one I mean it.

He has been there since I was born and he still is till the end. I look up to him for many reasons

and this is because he has the best personality, he is very sucsessful and he is just plain out the

best thing that happened to me.

My papa's personality is 100% original and complety one of kind. He always has me

laughing no matter what the situation is. When someone is down and feeling blue, all you have to

do is be around and you will be laughing quicker then you think. Yea he may have a bad day but

everyone has them but he always seems to get around it and become complety happy.

I have never meet anyone who has worked as hard as he did and still have a decent job.

He has been working since he was a child and is still working as a chef at a resturant. Baking and

cooking is his life and has been doing it longer then i've been alive and maybe even longer. It all

started as a chef on a navy boat and went on from there working all over and traveling all over

the world, visitng different countries and just exploring different things. Being at some of the most

beautiful sites, and just for cooking and baking. I belive that if you work your whole life and is still

working long after and on top of that rising two kids who are not his, but his grand kids,that tells

me that is just plain out simple that he is very sucessful and just beyond words. In my eyes I see

a superhero who is trying to provide and support his family and yet stay very sucessful.

The main reason why I look up to him is because he has been there for me and he will always.

Taking my sister and I into his home when no other family members wanted us or couldn't take

care of us. Spending his time and money just to keep food and a roof over our heads,or just

keeping clothes on our back and supplying necessary items. Before my nana and him

entered my life i had nothing, i was bounced back and fourth between house and from family

member to family member and when no one wanted us anymore ther took their time and lost

their lifes and drove hundreds of miles to come rescue us before we went into state care.

Sometimes I just think i have it so bad because I don't get my way, but then i look at other kids

and just say " I have the best people and I am very greatful to be alive and healthy". My life with

them has been great and i dont want none of that to change.

The author's comments:
This piece is inspired by my grandfather.

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