Second Grade Brawl

October 21, 2009
By Lucy Curry BRONZE, Redding, California
Lucy Curry BRONZE, Redding, California
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It was a day where the sun decided to hide behind the big grey clouds, the clouds decided to shower Rammstein, Germany with the cold, icy rain, and school decided to take a turn for the worst. I was in the second grade at Rammstein Elementary School and it seemed like everyone was against me. It was the type drama when Samantha started a rumor about me and told secrets she wasn’t supposed to tell anyone. There were opposing sides in the littlest of situations that wouldn’t even matter now that we’re older and more mature. She turned almost all the girls against me, but I had all of the boys against her. That day, I had been talking to some of the guys right outside our classroom just laughing and having a good time. We were minding our own business when Samantha randomly walked up to us and began to say extremely unpleasant things to me. I was getting really upset and knew that if I started to cry she would tease me. So, all I could think of was to just turn away from her in an attempt to ignore her, but this didn’t stop her. Samantha had her way of digging way down deep like the dentist‘s drill digging deeper and deeper into a tooth. I could feel her place her hands on my back and forcefully shove me forward as hard as she could. Good thing the guys were there to help me break the fall or that could have been a lot more painful. I was so angry that I didn’t even know what I was doing when I ran at her with full force and started to tear at her hair. Samantha started kicking me in the legs, and then I grabbed her and pushed her away from me. Before I knew it, she was rolling down the stairway right next to all of the classrooms. Oh my goodness, did that just happen? I didn’t mean for that to occur; I didn’t even notice that the stairs were so close. Not one of her friends saw what I did, and none of my friends were going to inform the teachers on what happened. Thank God! Samantha was sobbing quietly to herself as she walked back up the stairs, but she seized to continue before we went back to the classroom to learn what seemed so pointless to us. I avoided her as much as I could, because I did not have the desire to get into any trouble. I felt extremely guilty for what I had done, and I have no doubt in my mind that Samantha felt the exact same way because she hadn’t said anything to anyone about it. The next day, I decided to apologize to her, and when I did she forgave me and even apologized for what she did to me. We decided to keep it confidential, figuring it was both of our faults. I couldn’t help but to be relieved that this messy situation was finally over. Through all of this, I learned that no matter what the situation is, violence is never the answer and that I should always try to not let anger overcome what the right thing to do is. It only makes matters worse in the end.

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