the crash

October 20, 2009
By , bethel, AK
It was a hot and dry summer day. I just started riding not to long before that. That same day I got up early to clean my bike so it was ready to ride. I also wanted to go to Todd’s house so I could go online with him to check out the starting of the championship races in Fairbanks. After I got done cleaning it he asked if I wanted to go to the pit to practice. He told me to ask loyed if he wanted to go riding because he was going for the championship to. After trying to get a hold of loyed for three hours we finally did.

He said his bike was broken because he crashed and broke his radiator he wanted to go so he asked mikey treat if he could use his yz 250 two stroke for practicing. Mikey was telling me about the big jump that n one could land with out crashing. I told him I was going to do it he didn’t believe me so I said watch me ill do it eventually. You could record it if I want I had to warm up and ride around hitting jumps around it that were smaller and not as big as the impossible one. I was practicing for a jump that everyone was messing up on I was building the courage to do it and then suddenly I gained speed and hit it go fast enough I landed it with no worries and everyone was surprised.

Then I was ready for the jump that I went to the pit for I started out by building a jump about three feet Todd was looking at me saying “did you know what you are doing?” I said, “I think so.” I yelled Todd move your truck in the back of the jump and stay there he said don’t hit my truck as soon as he got on the other side of the jump I began to pin it I hit the jump and rolled a few times my bike ricocheted off of Todd’s truck and dented the hood I was right behind it. Todd looked at his truck yelling, “is it ok?” just after that I yelled to Todd “is my bike ok?” loyyed looked at both of us like we were crazy he said, “Eddie are you ok?” I said, “I don’t think so.”

Todd pulled me into his truck & brought me home. I told him to go back to the pit and get my bike. Waking up to find out I broke my arm and having to go to the hospital and get a cast I thought to my self I will think everything more thoroughly before I do something like that again

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